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Enter the final list

Artist group:

Millet Padrón(Cuba)

Jiayu Wang(Tianjin)

Buliao Que(Tianjin)

Jiashi Lv(Tianjin)

Chinnawat Themkumkwun(Thailand)

Álvaro Toscano Román(Spain)

Video Requirements

- Before playing, competitors should : introduce themselves; state that the video is for participation in the 2022 GCC International Guitar Competition; the group they are competing in; and the repertoire to be performed.

- All pieces must be performed from memory, with the exception of the newly composed required piece of the final round of artist group.

- The performance MUST be within the time restrictions (including tuning time), otherwise the competitor will be disqualified.

- The video must be unedited, in a single shot (no edits between pieces or at any time). Do not use compression or special sound effects (such as reverb, etc.).

- The program of the preliminary round cannot be repeated in the final round.

-Contestants need to provide PDF format music scores of their own repertoire and send it to the mailbox of the organizing committee of the competition. (Email: gcc@guitar.org.cn)

- Those who violate the above requirements will be disqualified.

Key date

Deadline for submission of final video for artist group: December 5, 2022

Final announcement date: December 23, 2022

Competition Rules

Final Round ( total time within 30mins, incl. tuning )

Required piece: Spring has arrived in Yuelu Mountain, by Kiril Boshikyov (Bulgaria) ( Download ), the 1st prize winner of the 6th GCC Changsha International Guitar Composition Competition.

Free choice pieces: One or more pieces by different composers. The piece(s) played in the preliminary round cannot be repeated in this round, but the composer(s) can be repeated.


Foreign competitors should upload their competition video to YOUTUBE, and send an email to GCC committee (email: gcc@guitar.org.cn), including:

• YouTube link to their competition video

• Scores (PDF) for free choice pieces for the final round.

Note: All interpretation rights belong to the Art Festival Organizing Committee

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