2021GCC International Guitar Art Festival Artist Group enters the final list

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Enter the final list

Artist group:

Katarzyna Smolarek (Poland)

Lovro Peretić (Croatia)

Can't Stop (China)

Elia Portarena (Italy)

Filippos Manoloudis (Greece)

Yong-heon Ahn (South Korea)


Final Regulations

Requirements and precautions

1. Participants in the finals will not perform visually. 

2. The repertoire of the preliminary round cannot be repeated in the final. 

3. The finalists participate in the competition by recording a video and submitting it for review. The video must be recorded synchronously with the sound and the image, and no editing or sound processing is allowed during the performance. 

4. All finalists' tracks must be recorded at one time, and they must comply with the song selection regulations and track duration requirements. 

5. Those who violate the above requirements will be disqualified. 



Key date

Deadline for submission of final video for artist group: December 4, 2021 

Final announcement date: December 18, 2021


competition rules

Artist group

The prescribed repertoire: In order to celebrate the centenary of Astor Piazzolla’s birth, this year’s prescribed repertoire is any work by Astor Piazzolla. This can be his original guitar work, or it can be a guitar adaptation of his work.

Optional repertoire: one or more works (different composers). The repertoire cannot be repeated with the preliminary round, but the composer may repeat with the preliminary round. The entire video should be within 30 minutes. Including prescribed repertoires, self-selected repertoires and the connection time between repertoires.

Requirements: Contestants need to provide PDF format music scores of their own repertoire and send it to the mailbox of the organizing committee of the competition. (Email: gcc@guitar.org.cn)



Final video recording requirements

· The background of the recorded video is clean and tidy, with sufficient light. The head, torso and all guitars of the contestants must be in the lens.

· Before the performance, contestants need to dictate the following: self-introduction + my participation in the 2021 GCC International Guitar Contest + category finals + track name

Demonstration: My name is XX. I come from XX country/region. I will participate in the XX group finals of the GCC International Guitar Contest in 2021. The repertoire is XXX.



· Domestic finalists upload videos on Youku, and send the detailed upload video URL + music score to the organizing committee (email: gcc@guitar.org.cn) 

· Foreign finalists upload videos on youtube.com, and send an email to the organizing committee (email: gcc@guitar.org.cn) along with the detailed URL of the uploaded video and the music score. 


Note: All interpretation rights belong to the Art Festival Organizing Committee

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