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Open group:

Jack Hancher           (Britain)
穆怀聪(Huaicong Mu)  (China)
Francisco Lopes         (Portugal)
Jeseok Bang            (Korea)
Katarzyna Smolarek      (Poland)
Bokyung Byun          (Korea)

Final Judges:

Eliot Fisk
Sharon Isbin
Blair Jackson
Richard Patterson
judicael perroy
Álvaro Pierri 
David Russell

陈谊(Yi Chen)陈谊   (Yi Chen)      Party branch secretary and associate professor of the School of Music Education, Central Conservatory of Music.
方翊  (Yi Fang)    Famous Chinese guitar educator, performer, collector and connoisseur. Director of Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra.
关振明(Zhenming Guan) Professor of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, postgraduate tutor, director of the American Guitar Foundation [GFA].
何青  (Qing He) Associate Professor of Classical Guitar at Tianjin Conservatory of Music.
郦嘉炯(JiaJiong Li )Associate Professor of Classical Guitar at the Central Conservatory of Music.
李乐   (Le Li)   Teacher of Zhejiang Vocational College of Art, founder of Hangzhou Tianlai Guitar Art Center.
闵振奇(Zhenqi Min) Lecturer of classical guitar in the Department of Modern Instrumental and Percussion at Shanghai Conservatory of Music.
钱政贤(Zhengxian Qian)  Teacher of Classical Guitar in Wuhan Conservatory of Music.

Preliminary Judges:

Martha Masters
Mark Ashford
Benjamin Verdery
Berta Rojas
Gary Ryan

Joseph Williams

陈谊   (Yi Chen)
方翊  (Yi Fang)
关振明(Zhenming Guan)
何青  (Qing He)
郦嘉炯(JiaJiong Li )
李乐   (Le Li)
闵振奇(Zhenqi Min)
钱政贤(Zhengxian Qian)


1. All pieces must be performed from memory, with the exception of the required piece of the final round of the open group.
2. The program of the preliminary round CANNOT be repeated in the final round.
3. Finalists will take part in the final round by sending video. Sound and image must be recorded simultaneously. The video must be unedited. Do not use compression or special sound effects (such as reverb, etc.).
4. All the pieces must be in a single shot (no edits between pieces or at any time), while within the rules of the program and duration requirements.
5. The one who breaks the above rules will be disqualified.


Open group final round video submission deadline: Dec. 17, 2020


Open Group
·Required Piece
Bagatelles with Fantasies, by Steven Goss, to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, commissioned by GCC committee. 
·Free Choice Pieces
One or more pieces (by different composers) within 25 minutes. The piece (s) played in the preliminary round cannot be repeated in this round, but the composer (s) can be repeated. The scores (PDF) should be offered when sending the video link to the committee (


1. With clean background and full light.
2. The upper part of the body and the whole guitar must be seen.
3. The competitors should make a brief introduction before playing, as the following:
My name is … from (natinality)…, I take part in the final round of 2020 GCC international guitar competition… I will paly…


Competitors out of China should upload their video to YOUTUBE, and send the link and scores by email to the committee ( .

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